Secure your passwords with Lastpass

"1-2-3-4-5? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard of in my life! That's the kinda thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"

Most people are using the same password for a number of sites or writing them down on a sticky note on their monitor.  Lastpass is a great tool for creating and managing passwords.  It works seamlessly between Android and Web browsers.  Just login to your Lastpass account and everything is available.

The best part of Lastpass is that it generates unique passwords for every site.  Instead of using the same password that you put on a bunch of sites, it generates a random one for each and then saves it.  Here is an example password that it created for me '9C6yELkxkw@Yel'.  I don't know my passwords at this point since I just let it handle it for me with random passwords that it creates.  

The caveat is that you have to login to Lastpass to gain access to your saved passwords.  I recommend using a pass phrase for that instead of a password.  My favorite is to use sentences.  'I will never forget this password since it is really unique!', for instance.


Update - I have found several people that resist this sort of service.  I cannot tell why but get it done please!  Lastpass makes it turbo easy to have complex passwords for all your logins.  Why would this be a bad thing?  I suppose that you could say that there is a major issue if Lastpass is compromised.  It is more of an issue when you use the same password for all your websites or even write them down and stick them on your monitor.  The phisher looking to access your account is not that smart which makes them attempt to brute force your accounts.  The real danger is employees or acquaintances accessing your PC and going crazy.  You should be the only person logging into an account on your PC.  If there is a need to share, use a guest account which does not have the ability to install/modify any settings.  This is especially important if you use Windows.  Administrator/root accounts can do pretty much anything including accessing other local account data.

Don't confuse this with running internet services locally.  Most everyone has a firewall at the internet connection which blocks connections by default.  Having a Quickbooks file on your desktop for instance doesn't make it available to the internet.  Having passwords on these kind of files is still a good idea but I wouldn't be too paranoid.  It is much more important to have complex passwords on internet accessible accounts.