What ever happened to being able to get an access point from a big box store?!  I was able to find one although it was hiding.

You probably already answered that question in your head but it turns out that they are still available.  I snagged a Netgear EX7000 from Bestbuy which was hiding on a different aisle from the routers (thanks Kristen).  I was in need of a strong access point since my TP-Link AC1750 seemed to be on the fritz.  It worked, but wasn't reliable enough for my WiFi security cameras.  It is essentially an access point with a 5 port gigabit switch.  No routing options which is perfect for my situation.  Seems like it would best serve as a 'hub' with WiFi which is great.

Setting it up wasn't too hard but was annoying.  I hooked a laptop directly too it and it DHCP'd me a 192.168.1.X address with as the gateway.  Logging into gave me a wizard which may be helpful to the uninitiated but it was annoying.  I wanted to get right into the guts of it.  Once I gave it a fake email address and password, I was able to setup the SSIDs for both frequencies and a static IP.  After working with it for a bit, I found the interface to be quite simple and clean.  Easy to set whatever I wanted.

I had a very loud signal out to all devices but the interruptions on the cameras started to creep in again.  Not nearly as bad as before but they were there.  Since the signal was so loud, I figured there was no way neighboring access points could be giving me trouble but that was not true!  I fired up the WiFi analyzer app on my Nexus 6 and let it scan for a bit.  It showed that most of the channels had 8 or more APs on them but I found a range that had several APs that were not too loud and dropped to that channel.  Poof!  Everything is working way better.  I went from 2 FPS on the old AP to a reliable 15 FPS with the new AP.

The Netgear EX7000 has been a great improvement to my network since it is very flexible, fast, and available at a big box store.

Update - This access point continues to be easy to use although I have reset it a couple of times.  A bit par for the course for any device but there are some limitations.  I mentioned before about the wizards and email login.  It is abrasive to people (me) who just want to configure it.  Every time I login, it checks for an internet connection...blah blah blah... STOP just let me modify it please!  I wish this had potential for a business environment but there is no support for enterprise WPA which is a drag.  Even the $25 TP-LINK access points support enterprise WPA.  I had to setup a different access point because of this limitation to do more testing with Jumpcloud's RADIUS service.  Seems that it would be best left to someone stringing out a network cable to an area that needs better WiFi coverage in their home.  Wait a tic...I suppose that is what it is advertised to do!