I have been working in the technology field for most of my life.  It all started with a childrens toy that was supposed to teach typing but also allowed you to create very simple programs in BASIC.  From there I went on to breaking my parents home computer by either deleting critical DOS files or taking it apart while sitting on the carpet in front of Saturday morning cartoons.  That was an early experiment on how to damage circuit boards with static electricity.  The best memory I have is during my 6th grade year in Aumsville, OR.  Unlike other elementary schools I had been to, they had a full computer lab and each student was given a 5 1/4" floppy disk to keep their data on.  That disk was gold to me.  I was fascinated by the simple fact that I could pop that disk in and access files that I created.  Later on I was able to utilize my skills to work with electronic medical record and hearing systems in the health care field.  This allowed me to expand my skill set while working with large networks and hundreds of users.  I enjoy helping people solve problems with technology and witnessing them grow.  They always know that if they get stuck that I am here to help.  Today I spend a good amount of my free time exploring open source software with virtualization tools provided by VMWare and Virtualbox.  My favorite operating systems are Debian and Ubuntu although I do keep a Windows install just in case!